Thursday, March 8, 2007

Adorable + Yummy Cupcakes

These are the snapshots of Faiz's Birthday Cup Cakes. Can order them from Ellie

The guest simply love the new idea of birthday cup cakes. Refreshing ideas..
Less hassle to cut up cake into slices!!!

I have 1 Graco Stroller price at RM130. Still in good condition. Used for 3 years (bought it at RM600). Large basket underneath.

A baby car seat can be used for babies from 0-12 months and also as a rocker. Very useful. Can go along with the Graco stroller. You can put the seat in the stroller without removing the baby.
Priced at RM130. Still negotiable...

Garage Sale!!!

Since most of you knew that I will be transferring to Jakarta end of this month, here are some of the things that I will be selling as my future house in Jakarta will be fully furnished.

My 4-door wardrobe (sliding type) is made from Kayu Semangkok.

Very solid. Priced at RM400 as it is still in good condition. Price is negotiable. Delivery = purchaser's own arrangement.

My dearie stove..been faithful to me all these years..

4-burner stove + oven..Gas type...

Selling at RM350. Price negotiable and delivery at own arrangement.

A part of the bedroom set to be sold off. Katil dah ada orang book.
So have to sell the remaining set items separately.
Dressing table with 4 drawers and 2-door large compartment at the
bottom. (Display items are not included ;P). Selling price RM400.

Faiz Irfan's 2nd Birthday Cum Farewell

We celebrated Faiz's 2nd Birthday on 4th March 2007. Friends, neighbours & relatives attended the small gathering. Part of the food served were Mee Kari, Nasi Jagung + Rendang Ayam, Satay Ayam + Lembu from Satay King Kajang, Kuih talam & Cendol Jelly.
We also took this chance to bid farewell to our caring neighbours (well, some of them!) and not to forget our dear siblings, friends & relatives.